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Tourist info

Šumperk and surrounding area

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Šumperk is an important town of the Olomouc land and is very often called the gate of Jeseníky because of his position. Šumperk lies in the valley of the river Desná and is among with the beautiful nature that offers purposes at sports and tourist in each season. The rise of Šumperk is dated by 13th century. There are other important tourist destinations as mountain recreation centers, the transfer-pump electricity station Dlouhé Stráně and the spa Velké Losiny where are also the chateau adherent to witchlike processes and the last papermill in Europe producing the traditional hand-made paper.


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There are skiing areas around 30 kilometers to which you transport by ski-buses drawing away from the bus station. Near skiing areas: Červenohorské sedlo, Klepáčov, Mladoňov, Zborov, Hraběšice (only 7 km).

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